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3 Reasons You Should Not Buy any Latest Smartphone Now



3 Reasons You Should Not Buy any Latest Smartphone Now
3 Reasons You Should Not Buy any Latest Smartphone Now

Yes, do not buy any latest smartphone from any manufacturer now! The reasons are further detailed with evident backup for them.

Apparently Our world is filled with diverse forms of Smartphones and some even carrying human abilities to talk and give updates as-it-is but little do you know that some upgrades are not necessary until the time is right.

This post is meant of internet users who crave for speed on their smartphones; so, if you are not one of those smart internet users – kindly skip this post into the next one below.

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Still reading? Then the next 3 details are meant for You.

Latest Smartphone

Today, the world tends to follow up Smartphone manufactures every time they release new devices. The said manufacturers do great in adding cool and extra ordinary features on these new devices. But there is more to the upgrade follow up.

3 Reasons You Should Not Buy any Latest Smartphone Now

The New Latest 5G Network Connectivity | MWRF

1. The 5G Network Technology

Heard about the latest Network Connectivity? The 5G Network is the latest and the fastest ever in Our time. It is said to be 10X ( Ten Times ) faster than the current widely accepted 4G Network which could allow download up to 1GB per second ( Download 10GB file in just 10 secs – the average time, could be faster ). Learn more about the 5G Network Here.

No Smartphone currently in the market holds the 5G connectivity feature in them; they apparently still work on the 4G Network as though with diverse of network bands which tends to vary on different smartphones.

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The 5G Connectivity feature is apparently an hardware thing and Your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ are on the 4G Network including Apple’s iPhone X. Spending so much money on these leads of devices and still not getting the latest 5G feature isn’t such a great idea.

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These manufacturers would possibly release new versions of their Smartphone series probably before late 2019 ( when the new 5G Network Connectivity might be rolling out worldwide ).

Wouldn’t you rather stick to Your current device?

2. Paying Double

Buying a new device after tons of Upgrades certainly doubles Your expenses and is not such a nice idea especially in the world of today where economy isn’t so favorable.

3. Be Sure before You upgrade your device now, think about the future of network connectivity in 2019, this is August and the latest network revolution is fast approaching.


This post is only to advice You based on my opinion and should only be seen as an opinion and I am certainly not against You purchasing Your favorite devices. Thanks for taking time to read.

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