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ACRIMONY: Lessons to Learn from the EPIC Movie



ACRIMONY: Lessons to Learn from the EPIC Movie

Here are few lessons every one out there should learn from the Psychological thriller Movie ACRIMONY produced, written, and directed by America’s Tyler Perry.


The movie which stars American actress, singer, and author Taraji P. Henson as [ wife ] and Jamaican-Canadian actor Lyriq Bent as [ husband ].

The movie had a young lady Melinda ( Taraji P. Henson ) who met a young, smart, handsome and brilliant Man Robert ( Lyriq Bent ) while in college.  They first met when Robert bumped into Melinda on a rainy day; in just a short while, Melinda saw the Man of her heart and yes they fell in Love.

Melinda’s Mum died shortly after leaving her some good amount of money and her sisters too. Melinda got deep in Love with her guy but her sisters were never in support of her relationship as Robert had no job and was only on some college scholarship.

Below are what Everyone should learn from the Film and not just watch and sympathize with Either Melinda or Robert.


ACRIMONY: Lessons to Learn from the EPIC Movie

Melinda offered to Drive Robert Home – Her Mum had just died | ACRIMONY

Melinda drove Robert home which resulted in giving Her Virginity to Robert that night despite the fact that Her Mother had just died.

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Love between the two brought about them getting married as much as Melinda’s sisters never wanted them together so much they did not show up at their wedding in Church. As Love Conquers All, Melinda went against her sisters advises and went on with the man of her heart.


As their marriage went on, Robert in His own way kept requesting for money from His wife Melinda. Off the money left to Melinda by Her Mother, she kept on fulfilling Robert’s money request though she was running out of funds.

Melinda kept supporting her Hubby as she runs out of funds until she finally did run out of funds that they had to Mortgage Her Mum’s house  in a quest to keep the family going and realize Robert’s battery Idea success ( making sure His prototype is perfect and ready for investors ).


Robert is certainly a brilliant Man who had faith in His battery idea despite never getting a call of all the letters He sent to Prescott ( the multi-billionaire investor ). He pressed further to make sure His prototype got better through the years of His letter rejection which He never stopped sending even as they had no money left of them in Melinda’s account ( PERSISTENCE  ).

He kept on sending His letters to Prescott’s Company in high hopes of sealing a deal someday from His time in college until He was already a full grown man.

KNOW WHEN SHIFT FOCUS ( a little of it )

Robert could have had His dreams earlier than it came if He had only thought of doing some other jobs to keep food on the table and also help them keep Melinda’s Mum’s House. He only thought of His big dreams but never of what He needed to do to keep His family good.

If Robert had chosen to do some other jobs, He probably could have realized His dreams earlier as he could have gathered some money to further enhance His prototype and maybe put it out there in the Market where not only Prescott but several other Investor would have to bid over His battery Ideas.


ACRIMONY: Lessons to Learn from the EPIC Movie

Melinda trying to stop Robert from seeing Prescott as He failed the Deliver | ACRIMONY

Melinda failed when she started listening to Her sisters advises though it was hard for her at the moment ( she could have kept her way as she did when she decided to go against their will to marry Robert who had no job ).

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Whatever decisions we make ourselves, we get to face the consequences simple because we made them but the consequences seem so severe and worse whence we let Our decisions be influenced by others.

Then Regret sets in as Melinda did when Robert’s Battery Idea finally hits ( she had already divorced Robert as suggested by Sisters ) when Prescott reconsidered the first $800, 000 deal He offered Robert which took even Robert’s intellectual right and turned it into a Multi-million Dollar deal which retains Robert as the Intellectual Owner of the Battery Business.


ACRIMONY: Lessons to Learn from the EPIC Movie

Melinda finds Diana’s Purse with Robert | ACRIMONY

Melinda stopped trusting Robert when she found a purse belonging to the girl He had earlier cheated with in His pocket which triggered her anger and also fired up Her Sister’s advise to Divorce Robert and let go.

Robert though was caught cheating before never did again but was thought to be when the same girl’s  purse was found with Him. Melinda as usual would have believed Robert when He told her the purse only came about when he had a business meeting with the girl he then cheated with who happens to be working with Prescott ( the man who could help him realize His dreams ).


ACRIMONY: Lessons to Learn from the EPIC Movie

Melinda destroying Diana’s Wedding Dress | ACRIMONY

If only Melinda had known the battle was Over and lost already, she’d not go ahead destroying Diana’s Wedding dress, going up to Robert to seduce Him ( after she had said they’ll never get back together before realizing what she lost already ) and even going to the extent of shooting Robert on their Honey Moon boat ( Mrs. Gayle ) which had the Court ordering Her into a forceful therapy.

She could have walked happily away with the $10, 000, 000 ( Ten Million Dollars ) Robert gave her including getting Her Mum’s house back.

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Everything could have still worked out fine if only Diana and Robert kept their personal stuffs personal and not always filling up their social media pages with the Private life activities knowing when what had earlier transpired between Robert and Melinda.

Always endeavor to choose between what goes up on social media and what You should keep private to You alone. It most times help to avoid many issues in the world today.

Many people today live all their lives on social media as every of their daily life activities are put up on their social media pages. Be careful, you don’t know who is watching and who is not happy with You or Your success.


Perseverance is Key in whatever anyone anywhere is doing or maybe going through, if only Melinda could have persevered a little more with Robert, she could have had all they both designed in their minds together come to fulfillment with just the both of them and not someone else taking her place.

NB: All you have read is only but a few of what You can actually learn from the Epic Movie ACRIMONY. Endeavor to see the film as it goes beyond some regular movie out there, it reaches to Your soul.

Kudos to Tyler Perry and all the cast of the Movie for the Great Job well and perfectly done.

Thanks for reading, kindly share Your thoughts about the Movie if You have seen it and if not; Visit Tyler Perry‘s page to know how to get the Movie to your screen.

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