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Cybercrime, terrorism threaten Nigeria’s digital globalisation – Buhari




Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari Monday said cybercrime and terrorism are threat to positive strides being made by Nigeria in digital globalisation.

“On cyber security, Nigeria has taken the lead in cyber policing in West Africa,” Buhari told In this, we are working with our regional and global partners,” Buhari told the Annual Investment Meeting 2019, in Dubai.

“New waves of cyber-crime and terrorism continue to threaten the positive strides being made.”

The president said the digital globalisation has transformed the world with daily innovations and that is why the Nigerian government supports digital platforms in its numerous socio-economic programmes.

Buhari also stated that the Nigeria’s public sector reform programs are focused on “digitising key operations from procurement to payroll to revenue collections.”

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“we are using digital platforms to reinforce our objectives of improving efficiency, accountability and transparency in governance,” he added.

He called for collective efforts by both public and private sector leaders to address the emerging threats to digital globalisation.

“Today, we have a cyber-world that is intangible but real. This borderless world is powerful, and it impacts the lives of billions of people, no matter how remote their physical locations are,” Buhari said

“People work in it. People socialise in it. And people invest in it. This presents enormous opportunities. But it also remains a constant threat if left unregulated,” he added.

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