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Didier Drogba set to Collaborate with Wizkid and Afro B



Didier Drogba set to Collaborate with Wizkid and Afro B

Football Icon and Former Chelsea forward Didier Drogba is set to make a Debut in Afro BDROGBA” Music Video featuring Wizkid.Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

The African football Icon and Chelsea’s former star made a proposal on Twitter to debut in the Music Video of the Song “Drogba” by Afro B ( the remix which ha Star Boy Wizkid on it ).

The football star offered to debut in the Video when a fan suggested it’d be a great fulfillment if Afro B had Wizkid and the Football icon on the Video to his song. Below is the Tweet: 

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In a clear sign of excitement, Drogba quickly replied saying it’d be a big package and asked if it is a YES or NO from fans. Everyone thumbed up for the collaboration.

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With no hesitation, Afro B accepted the Big package offer from the icon and everyone also welcomed the Idea.

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We wait for the Video. 

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