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Dozens Killed and Millions left Homeless in Japan Flood



Dozens Killed and Millions left Homeless in Japan Flood
People in Japan sitting over their Houses | Sky News

Japan has been hit by a torrential rainfall which triggered a landslide killing over 50 people ( reports say ) and leaving millions homeless.

Japan Flood

The heavy downpour which began on Thursday has caused massive flooding resulting in landslide thereby prompting the ordering of west and central Japan inhabitants to vacate their homes leaving their belongings behind in a bid to save their lives.

Hundreds of homes damaged leaving over 1.6 million homeless and more still counting as the rain continues.

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Kurashiki submerged in the south of Japan

Kurashiki submerged in the south of Japan | SKY NEWS

Thousands of Rescue team workers have been deployed to affected areas including Military officers and Police in response to the menace caused by heavy downpour which has left villages submerged by flood.

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Some of the victims have been buried alive by landslides, Japan’s Kyodo news agency reports.

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In the town of Motoyama, about 600km (370 miles) west of the capital Tokyo, 583mm (23in) of rain fell between Friday morning and Saturday morning, Japan’s meteorological agency said.

Military Officers called in for Rescue Operations

Military Officers called in for Rescue Operations

National broadcaster NHK said water had risen as high as 4.9m (16ft) in the worst-hit areas where cars were seen left in pools of water.

“My house was simply washed away and completely destroyed,” Toshihide Takigawa, a 35-year-old employee at a petrol station in Hiroshima, told the Nikkei daily on Saturday.

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“I was in a car and massive floods of water gushed towards me from the front and back and then engulfed the road. I was just able to escape, but I was terrified,” 62-year-old Yuzo Hori told the Mainichi Shimbun daily in Hiroshima.

Streets have been flooded in Hiroshima

Streets have been flooded in Hiroshima | SKY News

Number of deaths, people missing, houses flooded and properties lost has steadily increased as the heavy downpour continues having millions of citizens calling out for help via their Social Media platforms. More information as News unwraps.

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