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Elephone A4 – The Cheapest iPhone X Alternative for $100 – $129



Elephone A4 - The Cheapest iPhone X Alternative for $100

Is the iPhone X too costly for You to afford? Then the Elephone A4 was designed so You have same like qualities for way cheaper price.

There is certainly more to the Apple’s Elegant iPhone X than just its pricing but in a world where most people would want to cut cost still wanting great features in smartphones, the Elephone A4 is just the savior in the world of smartphone users.

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Both devices are from absolutely different manufacturers who own different ways to satisfy their consumers but still carry a whole lot of design similarities. The most glaring part of both smartphones that keeps drawing more attention and appears to be the side attraction is the full screen design on both devices.

Elephone A4 vs iPhone X

Elephone A4 - The Cheapest iPhone X Alternative for $100

Elephone A4 vs Apple iPhone X

The Apple’s iPhone X is certainly a high cost smartphone as though with features worth the price which stands at $1,430 ( 256GB ROM ) making it still so high in price.

The Elephone A4 on the other hand is relatively cheap but maintains a great quality having it stand in comparison with the iPhone X. 

The cheap in cost yet High in Quality and functionality Smartphones has hit the Market and currently sells for just $100 to $129 in price.

The table below shows some of Elephone’s A4 matching properties with Apple’s iPhone X.

[supsystic-price-table id=8]


Now, we walk through the elegant features of the Elephone A4 as it stands to satisfy consumers in need of Smartphone great design and functionality but of average pricing.



The Design

Elephone A4 - The Cheapest iPhone X Alternative for $100

Elephone A4 Glass Design | Elephone

The device holds a 19:9 HD 5.85″ Full screen display ( Notch Screen ) giving beauty and elegance to the design of this smartphone. Made of Glass Body and Metal frame ( which holds the device together ) the Elephone’s Device makes a great impact to pricing in the Smartphone world.

“Enjoy a comfortable and immersive viewing experience with high screen-to-body ratio.”


The device holds a 3GB RAM with a 1.5Ghz Mediatek Processor for perfect multitasking, great speed and smooth usage of the device allowing almost no visible lag during usage.

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“Whether it’s for daily tasks or highly demanding games it will give you a smooth, fluid and highly efficient user experience.”


The device comes with a big 16GB of storage space allowing more space for heavy file users and massive downloads.

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“Also, it supports 128GB memory card extension, no longer worrying about insufficient memory, ELEPHONE A4 will be your mobile space.”


Elephone A4 - The Cheapest iPhone X Alternative for $100

The Camera | Elephone

The Device holds a 8MP (Interpolated to 13MP) high-definition rear camera allowing shooting like a Pro.

Images captured by the device have since its release been dimmed good enough to stand the market standards.










Elephone A4 - The Cheapest iPhone X Alternative for $100

Side Fingerprint Scanner | Elephone

“A single touch to unlock, made exclusively for your A4.”

The smartphone holds a Fingerprint sensor for perfect security and convenient unlocking by the right side of the phone apparently the location of the thump when device is held.

The device take not more than 0.2 seconds to unlock when using the fingerprint security.







Elephone A4 - The Cheapest iPhone X Alternative for $100

Face ID Unlock | Elephone

Face ID Unlock

The device also features a Face ID security system for maximum device security. Giving only You access to Your smartphone.

“There are two methods on unlocking your phone in your life. One is face unlock, through analyzing more than 128 invisible dots to help you unlocking your phone


The Device is built on Android latest OS ( 8.1 ) which further guarantee every owner of this device all features in rival manufacturers as Samsung, LG, HTC and others.

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The Device hold a Big 3000 mah battery giving assurance of a whole day endless use with just one full charge.

Love to own the Elephone A4? Buy here ( NIGERIA)  — But Here ( USA, UK, Global )

Though the iPhone X is no where compared to the Elephone A4, we only serve this post as an alternative to the iPhone X for anyone who loves to own an iPhone X but can’t afford to.  Elelphone A4 is the way forward.

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