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Fans Stand By R. Kelly Despite Sex-Assault Charges



Fans Stand By R. Kelly Despite Sex-Assault Charges

Valencia Love has confirmed she was the “friend” who posted R. Kelly’s $100,000 bail on Monday, just days after the singer was arrested on sexual abuse charges. The 47-year-old businesswoman defended her decision during an interview with Fox32 News’ Tia Ewing. Love told the reporter she believes Kelly is innocent, but would not say whether the $100,000 she paid was hers.“I’m not going to say it was my money or Kelly’s and he’s not broke,” the woman said, according to Ewing. “He’s my friend and I knew he needed help.”

Love claimed Kelly’s release was inevitable, as he had planned to post bond by Thursday.“He was going to get out regardless,” she said. “I just went out there to help my friend.”R. Kelly is a free man at least temporarily as he was able to come up with $100k bond before getting bail. The music icon was able to get bail after it was revealed that he would have to pay off a 6-figure child support. TMZ also revealed that Kelly’s $100k bond 10% of his $1 million bail was finally posted Monday, February 25, 2019, after he appeared in court and entered a not guilty to plea to all 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse.

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When the R&B singer was released from jail Monday night, three days after being charged with criminal sexual abuse, he was greeted by fans shouting “Free Kells!,” according to the Chicago Tribune.The World’s Greatest singer walked by a large media contingent without speaking and was ushered into a black vehicle that was waiting. The vehicle then drove off.

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