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I am not illuminati – Chris Brown Confirms ( See Captured Proofs )



I am not illuminati - Chris Brown Confirms ( See Pictures )
Caught!!! The picture below shows chris brown saying He's not a part of illuminati then later deleted the claims.

Singer Chris Brown who is one of the many that has been accused of being a member of illuminati has confirmed His status with the claim.

In recent years, times, posts, tweets and even videos, many successful artistes have been tagged members of the illuminati group but it still remains uncertain who is actually a member. Pictures and Videos on several social media platforms have always indicated signs and symbols of the illuminati group.

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The said signs / symbols have always been a trademark of some of the most successful artistes especially showing it off in tattoos so much that is becomes that focal point sometimes in pictures they publish and their social media accounts.

Is Chris Brown illuminati ?

This question as always would sprout up long conversations, arguments and speculations about the American Singer who happens to be one of the many who carry the illuminati symbols through tattoos on his body and show off signs even His pictures.

Chris Brown Songs

Surely if one is to make decisions by listening to Chris Brown songs, we’d say He is certainly a member of illuminati. Sometimes in His songs He talked about the Fallen Angel ( Devil or Satan ) and maybe giving His soul out to the Devil. A lot of talks went on that but ever since, Chris Brown never came out to actually confirm His identity with illuminati

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Chris Brown – ” I am not Illuminati “

Though the singer being accused so many times of being a part of the illuminati having denied every accusation has once again publicly denied being a part if illuminati. This he stated in His recent post on Instagram showing off His tattoo which has some of the Major Symbols of illuminati ( Eye of Providence and The Pyramid ) on His back.

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Even with this heavy tattoo on His back, He strongly quoted He is not a part of the illuminati community but later edited the post mentioning only the tattoo guy maybe . Picture Proof Below

I am not illuminati - Chris Brown Confirms ( See Pictures )

Picture Proof of Chris Brown’s – “I am not illuminati” Claims

Below is the post which is now edited having His illuminati denial claims taken out already

@gangatattoo 🔥

A post shared by CHRIS BROWN (@chrisbrownofficial) on

The deletion of His claims is definitely a Highly questionable action. What are Your thoughts? comment below

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