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Jussie Smollett May Have Been Inspired By Lee Daniel’s Cousin’s Attack



Jussie Smollett, a new reveal tells that embattled “Empire” star, may have been inspired to stage his attack after listening to “Empire” creator Lee Daniels speak about his cousin’s assault.

According to the cast of Empire, which he belonged to until yesterday when he was removed by the show’s executive producers, Daniels had condemned the attack on his gay cousin labelling it homophobia on January 10.

After this, he shared the details with the cast of which Smollett was present. The ordeal left everyone upset.

It is from there that Empire cast believes that Smollett decided to become an LGBT hero.

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Days later, he decided to pull his off because he was underpaid by the show. Also, Lee Daniels is the one in charge of the cash register.

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