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My name is Sango, I will clear you, angry soldier barks at Sagamu voters



Residents on Isote Street, Makun, Sagamu, Ogun State, were confused and ran helter-skelter on Saturday after a misunderstanding between a voter and soldiers patrolling the area.

One of the soldiers had fired a warning shot into the air while the elections climaxed.

Our correspondent learnt that a voter, who did not know that the soldiers understood Yoruba, boasted in the native language that no bullets could penetrate his body.

One of the soldiers, who identified himself as Sango, became livid as he stepped out of their butter coloured Sienna and sought his challenger.

While pacing up and down the road, he dared anyone with traditional bulletproof charms to come out and face him.

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“My name is Sango. If there is anybody that thinks bullets cannot penetrate him, he should come out. I will clear him. Go and ask about me. I am the officer in charge of this area and I am Yoruba. I have been patrolling other places without any problem. If you think you have mental issues, try it and see what will happen to you,” he said.

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