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Nigerians! Its a #NotTooYoungToRun Bill not a #NotTooYoungToRule Bill

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari on May 31st 2018 signed into law the fore proposed Not Too Young to Run Bill 



Nigerians! Its a #NotTooYoungToRun Bill not a #NotTooYoungToRule Bill

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari on May 31st 2018 signed into law the fore proposed Not Too Young to Run Bill 

After a long debate on the participation of Nigerian youths in the government sector to lead, the bill to involve more youths in the Political system has finally been signed into law.

Allowing or probably enabling young and ambitious Nigerians participate in the political system has been in talks for years even since democracy but nothing was done to this bill that the Youths / Young Nigerians have been wanting for a long time until it was recently signed by the current President of the nation.


In past years, We have known Our political leaders to be old men who have probably served in the military or may have ruled during the time of military governance. Most of these men have ruled then and have come back to rule again. A clear example of such rulers is the current President of the country.

From time to time we have witnessed campaigns and rallies organized by the political leaders in which these campaigns and rallies are filled with young and ambitious Nigerians who could also be there on top speaking to their fellow Nigerians.

These activities would not have been successful without the impact of the Nigerian Youth and their contributions. It is the Youths who;

  1. Make sure the venue is ready
  2. Convince their fellows to show up
  3. Make sure the event is as planned
  4. vote the leaders into power.

The youths have been the driving force of governance, yet they get nothing for their loyalty. These campaigns and rallies head on with multiple promises from the intending leaders yet it a turn table after the elections have been concluded.

Not Too Young To Run Bill

With all the aggression by Youths of the country for multiple failures by some past government and leaders, the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has shown his concern for the Nigerian youth and His will that they run for political positions too by signing the “NotTooYoungToRun” Bill into law.

This signing has raised a lot of concerns since the day it was signed. Many have welcomed it but some few still have their opinions over the law.

The signing of the Bill into law too place on the 31st of May 2018 at the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa in the federal capital territory, Abuja.

The President gave a speech to address the attendees at the signing of the Bill which is outlined below as gathered by Channels Television

It reads below

1. First, I would like to welcome you all to the State House. Today is a significant day for all of us in Nigeria, and most especially our young people – and the role they play in our democracy, politics and national life.

2. We are gathered here for the signing of the “Not Too Young To Run Bill”, a landmark piece of legislation that was conceived, championed and accomplished by young Nigerians.

3. The coordinators of the Not Too Young To Run movement have now established a formidable legacy – which is that, in our maturing democracy, if you really want to change something in Nigeria, and if you can organise yourselves and work hard towards it – you can achieve it. The outcome of such efforts is this remarkable feat.

4. These efforts have resulted in the heroic task of enshrining in law, a reduction of the minimum ages for elective office in Nigeria.

a. Eligible age for aspirants for members of the State Houses of Assembly will be reduced from 30 to 25 years;

b. Eligible age for aspirants for members of the Federal House of Representatives will be reduced from 30 to 25 years; and

c. Eligible age for aspirants for Office of the President, will be lowered from 40 to 35 years.

5. Surprisingly, the age limits for Senators and Governors was not reduced, as originally proposed by the sponsors of this Bill. This is an issue that may need to be addressed going forward.

6. Nevertheless, your focus and contributions have now successfully increased the quality and maturity of Nigerian democracy and expanded the playing field for youth participation in politics.

7. You, the young people of Nigeria, are now set to leave your mark on the political space, just as you have done over the decades in entrepreneurship, sports, art, media entertainment, technology, and several other fields.

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8. You are undoubtedly Nigeria’s most important resource – not oil, not agriculture, not solid minerals – but you and all of us. Your energy, intelligence and talent are what will drive and develop Nigeria, long after we are all gone.

9. This is an opportunity for me to affirm that this Administration will continue to do everything in its power to make Nigeria work for you.

10. You may all know that the Bill I just assented now becomes an Act of the National Assembly.

11. Thus, it may be tempting for you to think of this as the end of the journey. However, it is only the beginning; there is still a lot of work ahead, towards ensuring that young people take full advantage of the opportunities provided not only by this constitutional amendment but also through Nigeria’s boundless prospects.

12. You should inculcate the spirit of self-help. Those who complete their training should not just sit down and wait for government or private sector to employ them. You should be innovative and turn your hands to any legitimate work that will enable you to sustain yourself.

13. You may have noticed already that every one of you represents one of our 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory. This is because today is about preparing for the bright future of our country.

14. I am confident each one of you will transform Nigeria in your own way – whether through media, agricultural enterprise, economists, engineers, or as lawmakers in your States or at Federal levels, or as State Governors – and even someday, as President. Why not?

But please, can I ask you to postpone your campaigns till after the 2019 elections!

15. Finally, let me say how proud I am, and how proud the entire country is, of what you have accomplished. Congratulations and best of luck with continuing to work to make Nigeria a greater country for us and future generations of Nigerians.

16. God bless all the young people of Nigeria and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

These are the words of President Muhammadu Buhari at the signing of the Bill into Law. This is indeed a great development to the Country.

THE BILL SIGNING [ a political trick ]

Truly, many have applauded the president for His courage on the signing of this Bill, but is this not a yet another Trick to get the youths mandate in 2019?

Signing the bill has given millions of Politically ambitious Youths in the country assurance of their place in Government. This may not be as it seems!

After the signing, the President is rest assured of the Youths supports for His ambitions in 2019 despite several issues rising about is running for president in the forth coming elections.

Aspirant Form 

The question is; Can an average Nigerian Youth purchase a form worth millions of Naira?

How would it sound purchasing a form to run at the rate of #10 Million Naira?

How many Nigerian youths can afford it?

If any can, wouldn’t they be questioned? EFCC and likes.

Is this Bill Real?

Allowed to Run! Allowed to Rule?

Yes the youths are now allowed to run for which ever positions they believe suits them perfectly but, would they be ever allowed to rule? This is now the Question.

In the past, we have seen diverse of instances where the Younger aspirants are denied even from the primaries. There have been millions of young aspirants in recent times, yet non has ever emerged elected even if it ever happened.

Until young Nigerians emerge elected in the forthcoming 2019 elections, We’ll still define the Bill as yet another Political trick to earn the Nigerian Youth trust once again.

NOTE: This article is in no way to go against the President’s signing of the Bill as it is a step forward for a better Nigeria that involves all. We are only of the opinion that we have not confirmed the Bills authenticity until the Youths start having a say in the country, from the Political level [ Government Sector ]. 

Your Opinion is greatly welcome as You can address your points via the comment box beneath this post. Thank You for reading!

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