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Nigeria’s CcHUB enters East Africa



Fostering regional technology ecosystem in Africa, Nigeria’s Co-creation hub (CcHUB), on Monday, unveiled the ‘CcHUB Design Lab’ in Kigali, Rwanda.

The lab is expected to further strengthen Nigeria as a leading technology power house in sub-Saharan Africa through the export of its indigenous expertise.

Besides, the lab will also facilitate cross-fertilisation of ideas from Nigeria to East Africa and then Africa as a whole. The Kigali lab is expected to help creates more technology entrepreneurs in Africa,

The design lab is an unprecedented next step in Africa’s growing tech sector, and is set to become a leading creative space where its multidisciplinary team of product designers and engineers will collaborate with scientists and stakeholders globally, to explore the application of emerging technologies that will solve Africa’s systemic problems in public health, education, governance and the private sector.

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