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RACISM: SARS Wouldn’t let Us keep Our White Friends



RACISM: SARS Wouldn't let Us keep Our White Friends

Despite countless efforts by the world governments in tackling the issue of Racism, it is quite glaring that the SARS ( Special anti robbery squad ) unit of the Nigeria police is still a part of Racism in Nigeria.

With high rate of which the Special Anti Robbery squad [ SARS ] challenge and end up harassing Young Nigerians, we have come to the conclusion that the Unit is also a promoter of RACISM like every other racists out there.

It’s a clear mission of SARS to harass every of the victim who either has a white friend or keeps a foreign number on their devices.

No one has ever been harassed for having a fellow Nigerian number on their phones, it has always been the argument of keeping a foreigner’s picture or number on their devices.


It is well noted that the rate a which the issue of Fraud in the country is growing is enormous and equally disheartening. We are not happy with such a negative development with some youths of the country; still, the Special Anti Robbery Squad [ SARS ] has equally failed in it’s approach to tackle the growing issue of Fraud in the country as some of its members has seen this as a means to extort money off their daily victims.



Definition: Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. – OXFORD

the belief that people’s qualities are influenced by their race and that the members of other races are not as good as the members of your own, or the resulting unfair treatment of members of other races – CAMBRIDGE

This issue of racism has been a world wide problem as though being tackled still tends to grow even worse; whites killing black and blacks killing whites.

“we are only of different colors, ethnicity and languages; we all are still of the human race”Lawal Adebola 

Racism today is still one big issue in the world and active measures are being taken daily to curb the act [ belief ]


The Entertainment industry has been one of the World’s best means of eradicating racism; it has allowed inter-racial affiliations, bonding among many. The Movie industry, Music Industry and every other branch under Entertainment have always had people from different parts of the world work together in peace and harmony.

The fight against Racism in the entertainment industry is glaring from movies, bands, dance crews and more; therefore affirming its fight against racism and promoting peace among different races.

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Football is surely not the only form of sports, but record has it that racism occurs more among footballers. Ranging from footballers fighting their fellow team mate of a different race, insulting a fellow teammate and we have sometimes watched football spectators throw bananas at some footballers on pitch ( literally calling them monkeys )


The Union of European Football Associations [ UEFA ] is also a fight of Racism as it has enacted laws to penalize anyone [ a footballer, a referee, an official or even an executive of it’s body ] who is in anyway being a racist or promoting racism.

This is a great measure by the body to curb the issue of racism in football.


FIFA [ Fédération Internationale de Football Association French for “International Federation of Association Football ] which is the World’s football governing body has also been a fighter of racism taking to itself the obligation to penalize anyone found promoting racism in football.

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The bid to end Racism in Nigeria is a really big issue which requires a tactical and professional approach.

  1. A professional approach by the members of the Special Anti Robbery Sqaud ( SARS ) towards the citizens of Nigeria cannot be over emphasized.
  2. It is therefore a necessity for the government of Nigeria to enact laws guiding members of the SARS against its encounter with young Nigerians [ avoiding maltreatment and brutal approach to a citizen of the Federal republic of Nigeria ]
  3. We can only hope and pray steps are taken by the Government of the country to secure the rights of a Nigerian.


The fight against racism is a fight for all. Therefore, we must endeavor to avoid being promoters of racism anywhere we get to find ourselves in any part of the world.

— The world observes the “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination” on the 21st of March every year. More so, the fight against racism should be Our daily goal and so by this, racism could be a thing of the past; What a wonderful world would we have.


We clearly just had our opinion or the rising issues of racism in the World and in Nigeria too. Everyone has right to their opinion and we just gave Ours.

We’d be glad to know of Your opinion of the issue of SARS being a promoter of Racism in Our country Nigeria. The comment line is open, let’s hear You. [ comment below ]

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