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StumbleUpon Finally Gives Way, Introduces MIX



StumbleUpon Finally Gives Way, Introduces MIX

Popular online content Discovery and advertisement platform StumbleUpon has finally ceased to exist introducing a new Online platform called Mix


The platform StumbleUpon as we all know has finally been declared done on the 30th of June 2018 after 16 years of existence. This they announced via email to its then users and also reasons for their decision.

According to their mail:

“Thank you for being part of internet history.

Wow, after 16 years, the day has come. Today is the last day that exists online, and as we head into this moment, we want to look back and thank you for making StumbleUpon an internet legend.

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Before posts and tweets, before snaps and pins, StumbleUpon was there providing endless internet entertainment with just the push of a button. Because of users like you, we served up nearly 60 billion stumbles to over 40 million Stumblers, and infinite hours of “woah, cool” moments. StumbleUpon was more than just a button. People connected, made friends, found career inspiration, and even fell in love!

“I met some of my dearest friends on SU. People who I went on to meet in real life. people all around the world. more than just an Internet site. Much much more.”
— CH, stumbled 16 years

This isn’t “goodbye”; it’s more of a “see ya on the other side”. Recently, we’ve shifted our focus to build a new discovery platform with the lessons we learned from StumbleUpon.

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Meet Mix! On Mix, you’ll be able to build shareable collections of your favorite finds across the internet: articles, videos, podcasts, and more. As you curate the web, your saves will turn into meaningful recommendations for others in Mix. We hope to make discovery a collective endeavor, helping each other find gems from the depths of the web that we wouldn’t have come across on our own. And you’ll be in good company with your fellow Stumblers that have already given Mix a try — see Tom and Art. Feeling nostalgic? Take a journey back in time with StumbleUpon Time Machine on Mix.

If you haven’t yet, we’re excited for you to try out Mix! Hope to see you on the other side.

♥ The StumbleUpon Team” – According to StumbleUpon

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This is also a content Discovery platform where You can find content related to your searches and content by your friends and related people too.

With MIX, anyone could could save content from the Web for later reasons and also come back from them. Learn more about Mix here.

We hope Mix is able to serve its Users as StumbleUpon did.

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