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Wizkid’s “Fake Love” in reference to Davido’s Relationship

After the release of “fake love” by Starboy Wizkid and Duncan mighty, we could relate this to Davido’s relationship with Chioma.



Wizkid's "Fake Love" in reference to Davido's Relationship
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After the release of “fake love” by Starboy Wizkid and Duncan mighty, we could relate this to Davido’s relationship with Chioma.

Clearly, the lyrics of the single by Wizkid and Duncan mighty states the fact about being loved as a rich young man which in other words defines the opposite for an unsuccessful young man ( in nigeria ) or a yet-to-be-successful man.

A typical Nigerian lady would rather give more time and attention to an already made man other than a hustler / striving man. Already made man ( the man could have made his money either legally or otherwise ), this is our Nigeria of today actually means nothing as money is the aim.

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Fake Love - Wizkid / Duncan Mighty // NotJustOk

Fake Love – Wizkid / Duncan Mighty // NotJustOk

“only fake girls be loving when you have, when e red them tuama when e red” – these are the words of Wizkid and Duncan mighty on that single. TUAMA simple implies leave. You get so much love when you are doing fine and otherwise when things turn.

The issue of girls and money in Nigeria is a regular day-to-day trend as it is now seen as normal where the rich are virtually in control ( the rich guy get the best girls ).

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Relating this song to DMW’s Boss, Davido affair with Chioma his girlfriend, one could refer the words in the song to their relationship.

Davido actually claims his relationship with Chioma has been on for a while which we solely do not

Davido and Chioma // FORTUNE Photography

Davido and Chioma // FORTUNE Photography

believe as this appears to not be true. Having had several relationships, this one with Chioma is so not clear to Us.

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Are they really in Love? 

this question actually projects different meanings individually but the truth is it could be related to “Fake Love” as we know Davido is a rich dude. Hey! A typical Nigerian woman would love you if you had that much fame and wealth, so could she be truely in Love with him even if he is in Love with her?

Is it just business in disguise? 

shortly after Davido’s relationship with Chioma came open to the public, he acquired a porsche worth a whooping #45million Naira for her. This was regarded as first-hand love for his girlfriend.

Purchasing a car worth that amount for a girlfriend is somewhat a rather crazy deal ( probably because i dont have the money ). This took over the internet and a lot of people had their opinions about his big dicision.

Shortly after this, he began signing deals worth over hundreds of millions of naira. Hey! with over #200million Naira fresh deals after his heavy spending, what then is 45 compared to over 200? He is indeed a business man.

Chioma, a working class? That no one knew until after the emergence of the Big Porsche. All her social media accounts seem really fresh like they’ve not been operating for so long.


Be it business or true love, the fact still remains that we all have rights to our own dicisions. As much as there are after-the-money ladies out there, there still exist the real and hard working ones. Still no one wants the broke guy.

To every man out there, the only option is to be successful and nothing less. You don’t want to be the broke guy. right? Don’t stop, stay woke.

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