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You Ban Weed, Afrika Shrine Operates – What is Your Point?



You Ban Weed, Afrika Shrine Operates - What is Your Point?

The Federal Government of Nigeria in recent times has always emphasized on Weed being illegal in the country but the Afrika Shrine Operates.

Long years have passed since the Nigerian government imposed a complete Ban on the consumption of WEED anywhere within the nation declaring it’s consumption a Criminal offence liable to long years behind bars.

The ban of this substance has in recent times been taken with full force as despite being banned still remains in circulation and is still heavily consumed on a daily basis within the Nation.

Weed, Skunk, Marijuana, Hemp, Cannabis popularly known with different names according to different regions of the country in which one is IGBO ( popular in parts of lagos, ogun ); known for its heavy intoxicating force has been sometime proven to be medically great for the human system.

Banning of these mentioned substances was brought about due to the abuse of the substances by mostly youths in Nigeria.

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In Nigeria today, several youths have found Weed and likes appealing leading to them abusing the substances in great amount of overdose and some are already addicted to it. Across the streets of Lagos, you could peradventure come across young boys / girls consuming these substances despite ban on them.

Girl who recorded herself smoking Marijuana | Linda Ikeji Blog

The consumption is these substances in Nigeria today has become rampant and the Government has claimed to be doing all it can to curb this act in due time.

But, are they really doing anything about this? The New Afrika Shrine

The New Afrika Shrine

You Ban Weed, Afrika Shrine Operates - What is Your Point?

Fela New Afrika Shrine – Lagos | Wikipedia

The New Afrika Shrine as named by Fela Anikulapo Kuti is one of Africa’s most celebrated Inheritance which was created by the ace Musician ( human rights activist as We call Him ).

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Fela in his days, was known for Music particularly the Afro-Pop Genre of music which is now the most trending style of Music in Nigeria and many parts of the world today.

You Ban Weed, Afrika Shrine Operates - What is Your Point?

Sir Fela Anikulapo Kuti | OXOGENA

Though widely recognized for His Great Music and His “No Fear” lifestyle, Fela is also known for His heavy smoking habits. As though prohibited by the Government, Fela never stopped smoking and never kept it a secret.

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Fela is one of the African Legends who was known for heavy smoking  anywhere he was and is one of those who never hides when having His regular routine. Fela smokes while rehearsing, performing, eating and virtually anytime.

You Ban Weed, Afrika Shrine Operates - What is Your Point?

Fela with His Pipe Sized Weed

Despite claims by the Nigerian Government to have banned the consumption of weed, the Fela Afrika Shrine is still a hub for Smokers where no law holds anyone.

The New Afrika Shrine is surely known for Great Music Night life, good food in it surroundings and heavy security around the area but also spot where anyone could move to so as to have their weed taken without being questioned or Punished for it.

Still with government claims, the Afrika Shrine still remains the perfect spot for Smokers of any kind to carry out their activities pleasurably.

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Ban on Weed and Likes

What then is the point the Government is making against consumption of Weed and other like substances if The New Afrika Shrine still houses Consumers and Sellers of so-banned substances. It is quite confusing. 

The New Afrika Shrine is indeed a great place to be especially during weekends for good music, good food, good suya and likes. We are not against the smokers or probably the Government for banning weed but we are sort of confused of the Government’s Point.

What is the Point?

This is only Our opinion! Have a word or two for the government or Us, kindly make known below in the comment section. Thanks for taking Your time to read up to this point.

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